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 we call it the "No-Headache-Package"

Unlimited phone-calls in Germany on any Landlines and Residential-Phones + Unlimited using of the Internet.

You can add to this Package:

International-Flat 1 for additional 3,95 €

- free phone-calls to all the listed Countries
- allways  0,- cents per minute, 24/7 unlimited

Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Dänemark,Frankreich, Griechenland, Großbritannien (England / UK / Scotland), Ireland, Italien, Canada, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Niederlande / Holland, Norwegen, Österreich, Polen, Portugal, San Marino, Schweden, Schweiz, Spanien, Tschechische Republik, USA /Vereinigte Staaten v. America, Vatikanstadt.)

International-Flat 2 for additional 14,95 €

( Argentinien, Brasilien, Bulgarien, Chile, China, Estland, Georgien, Hongkong, Island, Israel, Japan, Kroatien, Malaysia, Neuseeland, Russland (Russische Föderation, unter anderem Moskau und Sankt Petersburg), Rumänien, Singapore, Slovenian, Slowcoaches Republic, Südafrika, Taiwan, Türkei, Hungary, Venezuela, Zypern. )


We can give you a Flatrate on every Cellphone Network in Germany.     
- call 4 FREE on Cellphone-Networks from your Housphone!

Germany has 4 Networks: each 14,95€ to have a FLATRATE, best solution for big Households!
+ O2-Germany
+ Vodafone
+ T-Mobile
+ E-plus
Unlimited Phone-calls on Cell-Phones!
0,- cents a minute !

There are 2 Ways to get VODAFONE-Service:

1: Call Mr.Korkmaz

: LINK to Vodafone Orderline!
Order line for Vodafone with Availability-check!
( But its in German )

Don't say it sounds too good to be TRUE.
........believe it its for a certainly TRUE!
..best Deals ever !!!

Deutsche Telekom / TKS

For those how want to stay with the Deutsche Telekom, no problem i can provide that ,too.

You can order it online, thats much faster than going to their Office, here is the straight Online-Order-Link CLICK

If you really want to go with Deutsche Telekom, i'll get you better Deals !
..just give me a call, or visit the straight link and order yourself......much Faster !!!
Vodafone is allways cheeper than Deutsche Telekom!
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